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FileHelpers 2.0.0

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Eugene Podkopaev
Updated :
June 4, 2008
OS Support :
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

FileHelpers Publisher's Description

Support for import/export data from differents storages.

By Eugene Podkopaev about FileHelpers

Easy to use: The FileHelpers Lib is straight forward to learn and use.
Auto Converters: The library has a set of converters for the basic types and can be easy extended to provide custom converters.
RunTime Classes from the version 1.6.0 you can create you record class at run time, load them from files with source code or an Xml description
High Performance: From the version 2.0 the library dont use any more reflection to get or set the field values, now we are using Dynamic Code generation (MSIL) and delegates
Master-Detail: You can read and write records with a master/detail pattern.
Multiple record format support: With the MultirecordEngine you can read files with different record layout, you can also read files with some delimited and some fixed length records.
Event Support: The engines of the library contain some events to make you easy to extend the behavior of the library Ms Excel Storage: Are a way to extract / insert records Between any source and an excel file.
DataLinks: Are a way to extract / insert records between a database and a file.
GenericDataLink: Now you can to copy records between two Data Storages
Asynchronous Mode: You can use the library to read line by line and not the whole file.
.NET Compact Framework Support From the version 1.1 you can use the FileHelpers library for you PocketPC and WindowsCE developments. File Transform Engine: to convert files in one format to another
Progress Notification: to get notified of the progress in each operation in the library.NET 2.0 Generics: the cast less and strong typed version of the engines.NET 2.0 Nullable Types now the library supports Nullable types in his coreFileDiffEngine to allow Compare Files with the same record layoutOthers Features
Files, Stream and String Support: You can use the library to read/write any stream or string, not only files. Different Error Behaviors.
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No special requirements
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